Our own art gallery, located right on the premises of our artHotel Bremen, features a large array of modern 3D-pop-art pieces.

The main focus of our gallery lays on “Branko”, a German-Croatian painter, graphic designer and illustrator, who now specialises on the renowed comic-like 3D pop-art pieces. Branko grabs the viewers and gets them diving into a world full of colour. Besides the small and mid-sized Artwork of Branko which are also for sale, our gallery also features enormous constructions that are a one of a kind.

Another important artist of our gallery is Italian artist Mirella Bitetti. The main focus of her work is large-formatted oil paintings. Her main focus lays on the colours red, white and black. Added gold foil adds to the effect of her famous “Butterfly”-series. One of her collectors is famous director Francis Ford Copolla.

The art featured in our gallery can be viewed during a visit of our artHotel Bremen and be purchased anytime. If there are questions, our personnel are always ready to assist you. Also check our online store at www.arthb.de