The artHotel Bremen offers generous Ateliers with enormous comfort. All Ateliers have been renovated and redecorated in 2019.

Why do we call our Hotel rooms "Ateliers?"
According to Duden, a Dictionary of the Standard High German Language: An Atelier originally derives from the French Term for Workshop. It is a work place for the creative ,for instance ,the workshop of an Artist.

The artHotel Bremen is basically the workshop or studio of famous 3D-Pop-Art Artist Branko. He personally took charge of designing the Hotel Facade, the Entrance and the Bar "Branko" as well as some of our Ateliers. Every corner of the Hotel reveals a piece of his Artwork. As a result, we expect our guests to have an entirely unique Living experience with a high quality accomodation where both Comfort and Art merge into a perfect entity. All our Ateliers are designed to inspire our Guests with Branko's unique Artwork likewise our very own Art gallery, artbeat24 specialized in Modern Pop-art. the artHotel Bremen is located relatively in an outer area of the city, yet is very reachable with public Transportation (10 min away from the center).

Sie können zwischen 7 individuellen Atelier – Kategorien wählen:
Atelier S und M – gemütliche Einzelzimmer
ab 72,00 Euro S / ab 75,00 Euro M
Atelier L A unique Double room with a 180x200cm bed size
ab 83,00 Euro Einzelnutzung / 95,00 Euro Doppelnutzung
Atelier TWIN A Comfortable double room with separable beds
ab 95,00 Euro Doppelnutzung
Atelier L Plus A Double room consisting of two seperate rooms : a Bedroom plus a Living room
ab 93,00 Euro Einzelnutzung / 105,00 Euro Doppelnutzung
Atelier XL A spacious Double room consisting of two seperate rooms : a Bedroom plus
a Living room for a maximum of 4 persons
ab 103,00 Euro Einzelnutzung / 115,00 Euro Doppelnutzung

A special highlight is the Artist AtelierThis room features a few of the original 3D Artwork of our artist Branko. As well, this is the room he usually stays at whenever he vistis Bremen. Upon availability this atelier can also be booked.

ab 88,00 Euro Einzelnutzung / 100,00 Euro Doppelnutzung